Mini model ( only Takeaway ) Approx 1.75 Lakhs Cafe Model -2.5 Lakh
No. Company will not do any setup. You have to purchase this from market. Zero rupees to be paid to the company. Zero Franchisee Fees.
We will send you designs on mail. You need to print it
Yes company does 3 years agreement. Zero charges for same.
Its a ready to cook food. Any non skilled person can learn in one day as it only needs to be fried.
This is very old concept.Major brands like macd, Burger king uses this. Now we have brought this concept in Indian Food like Mumbai Vadapav, Samosa etc
Depends on products to products. Its minimum 4 months -6 months

Please dont get confused by comparing to normal Shop Samosa.This is precooked food.

Its just like maggie.If we heat it within half hour we need to eat it. Before heating it

is good for 6 months

We can understand your confusion. As this concept is new for you, its difficult

to understand.For this please visit any of our Store and your confusion

will definitely get clear.

Yes normal Trading food licence needs to be taken. Same is issued within one day.Government fees is approx ₹500-1000

Is company fassai licence printed on packaging

No. Company does not have and will never have any non- veg products as all promoters / Directors of

company are Vegetarian .

Margin range from 35-50% Average margin is 40%
Sorry this is confedential details. We provide breakup once your shop is confirmed.
Average margin is 40% So for example Burger MRP is ₹50, your margin is 40% I.e – 50*40% = ₹20
No other charges to be paid. All inclusive in this cost.
You need to find a shop at good location. Shop which is away 0.5 -1 km from prime location is also ok if rent is low Max rent for city -₹30000 Max rent for Village-₹18000
Once location is approved and you have executed rent agreement we will send you shop plan and e quipment list . As per that plan you need to start the work
No. Rent will be paid by Franchise
Please call our executive. We will be happy to help you.

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